Mohkam Furnishers

Company Profile

It is a matter of pride and privilege to introduce MOHKAM FURNISHERS as one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Pakistan.

It was established in 1974, when Khawaja Naeem Javed laid the foundation of the company with a true mission of redefining quality and esteem that generations could trust upon. It is still a family owned and operated woodworking enterprise.

Mohkam’s mission is to be a moderately growth oriented, profitable, environmentally responsible, globally renowned and high quality manufacturing concern that could satisfy its valued customers with an unmatched quality coupled with an honest value, timely completion of the orders/projects and above all, an aggressively responsive staff for backup service.

Mohkam’s primary business is to supply architects, interior designers, Executive Offices, residential clients and projects like hotels resorts etc., with all forms and styles of finest handmade furniture. We take great pride in our ability to deliver to our customers, not only an ageless piece of art but also a lifetime possession. This is accomplished by combining the finest traditional and imported woods such as Sheesham, Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Ash, Beech, Teak and many more, with superior quality finishing materials to create luxury living and enhance the dynamics of any room. We, at Mohkam, believe that the process of creativity is a never-ending journey of discovery.

Even today, the crew at Mohkam Furnishers is proud to support the integrity of the company by putting hearts and soul into the creation of genuine quality and dignified proportions. Mohkam offers spirited designs with consummate workmanship for those who desire the best and seek excellence.

Mohkam has two well-equipped manufacturing facilities (One in Lahore and one in Quetta), where each product receives individual attention to detail. The factories contain more than 12000 Cubic foot of seasoned wood as regular stock and unlike majority of the manufacturers, not a single piece of furniture is made or purchased from outside the company or on contract.

Basis in order to achieve uniform quality with guarantee. Mohkam has four outlets at the moment in Lahore. At the same time we are planning to open another outlet in Lahore and one in Karachi The company currently has employed more than 300 employees working as vital organs towards its objectives by creating a unique blend of old world handcraftsmanship and modern technology. Our factories might not be the biggest facilities in Pakistan but our impressive portfolio and a couple of awards always remind our loyal customers that Mohkam has never faced failure in achieving its set targets and/or deadlines marked by them. Al-Hamd-o-Lillah.


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